Featuring Wisdom Seasoned Ingredients Activating Art as Inquiry

"We must concentrate not merely on the negative expulsion of war, but on the positive affirmation of peace.”
~ Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Your Introduction To Radical Inclusion
and so much more!

What if, as embodied performers representing one humanity with many hearts and faces – we gathered virtually, united by our breathing, intent and attention, to apply a Quantum view as part of our response to social and political opposition to inclusion, freedom and democratic ideals?

In light of the onslaught of anti-democratic threats gaining momentum around the world, there is a need to see beyond the obvious. And this gave me an idea I immediately shared with a few friends to ask for their help. Once they said yes, I thought of you.

Recently I began training to become a Family Constellation Facilitator.  My experiences with that and the dozens of constellations I have participated in or witnessed have confirmed there is more at play than is typically observable. The existence of what is referred to as the Knowing Field seems both confirmed and little understood.  Acceptance of this paradox is inspiring me to explore more of what is possible to effect positive changes in seemingly intractable social problems. How might this work as a newly acknowledged ingredient in advancing my work (CFAaP)? What if today’s political strife is the result of the divide between those willing to adapt to a nonbinary reality and those determined to deny it, in their refusal to innovate themselves? From the political perspective, it may seem to have become more solidified.  But consider this… Quantum theory is the basis of much of the new technology we all enjoy but very few understand.  However, those inventions are only one application of this theory. There certainly must be others.

"Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand."
~Albert Einstein.

Quantum entanglement is a way of describing the mysterious connection between objects.

In quantum mechanics research has shown our material manifested reality is made up of many tiny particles that include atoms. Atoms show up only when they are observed. Before that their location existed as a probability. Quantum mechanics is used to study quantum systems. In physics, Flavor refers to the species of an elementary particle. In this context, I am curious whether what we give our attention could create components in a specific type or flavor of a quantum system. And research suggests quantum entanglement is the key to understanding the fabric of reality. Along a similar area of research, even further on edge, are endeavors to understand morphic fields and resonance.

What if, as embodied performers representing one humanity with many hearts and faces – we gathered virtually, united by our breathing and attention, to apply a Quantum view as part of our response to social and political challenges democratic ideals? Personally, I am excited by the possibility of gaining a better practical understanding of mirror neurons, the Knowing Field, quantum entanglement, and morphic resonance as ingredients in recipes for new solutions to persistent political and social problems.

Event Hosts


Yvette Dubel

Artist-Researcher coordinating We The World Freedom Campaign, Personal Innovation Mentor, Author , Founding CEO of WebAntiphon Group and Creator of the Empowered Innovation[CFAaP] System

Dubel is also the mother of three much loved adults, wife to her favorite guy for more than 30 years and companion to several beloved animals. 

She is life long activist and advocate for Freedom, social innovation and inclusion. 


Kerry Santo

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Featuring The Wisdom Seasoned Ingredients of

Dawn Green

Dawn has filled many roles in service to her community and family.  As an author, poet, community organizer, speaker, and artist

she has mentored and inspired girls and women to reject the limits society imposes to find their true voice and higher purpose. As cofounder for the Reverence for Life Foundation her writings have expanded the resources available to support seekers.

Desmond Green

Desmond Green is a Research Psychologist with over 35 years of experience. After graduate studies in Psychology, Philosophy

and Theology he spent the next 25 years doing post-graduate work with Prof. Ross Mooney of Ohio State University and Milton Senn M.D., Founder of the Yale Child Study Clinic. He is  a longtime practitioner of Conscious Breathing. Along with his wife Dawn they founded the Reverence for Life Foundation to share their work. His work in Jamaica is legendary. He successfully implemented his program “The Practice” in the Jamaican penal institutions in 1994. Positive effects of the RFLF model is evidenced in the rate of recidivism, which was reduced from 90% in 1995 to 30 % in 2000. In 1981 he founded the Family Recognition Committee in Washington D. C. He has continued sharing his work via books and online projects.

Reverence For Life University

Coco Pearl

Founder of Coco Pearl Coaching. She brings a range of knowledge and experience including Social Presencing Theater. 

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Jaqueline Chan

Jacqueline is based in Toronto and has been leading Qi Gong practices in Pureland International Qi Gong and also in

conferences such as A Mindful Society, Canada: a Kindful Nation. She has been regularly teaching at SickKids Hospital Wellness Centre for 2 years to now.  From 5 years old, Jacqueline has started to practice Qi Gong when her mother also was learning from her teacher, Grandmaster Weizhao Wu. 

For 12 years, she joined almost every single class offered by Grandmaster Wu until his crossing to in all levels. As he was like a grandfather in their home, she also learned his philosophies of life watching how the school has been growing and expanding to touch the world starting from the basement of her home. 

She is a Qi Gong Instructor Trainer. Fa Chi Practitioner of Pureland International Qi Gong,  a certified instructor of the Wu / Yeung Qi Gong. With experience in chi gong for over a decade, she teaches from a Millennial’s perspective.

With a Masters in childhood education and psychology degree, and clinical research staff by day, she understands that using relevant language to demystify this ancient practice is an important bridging between the two schools of thought. Jacqueline can help guide you through a mindful chi gong practice and therapy using Psych-K process.

Gigi Bisong

Embodied Ally Program Creator – Public Speaker – Storyteller

Gigi Bisong is a find your life purpose coach, author, and speaker. She helps women and youth find their unique purpose so happiness and passion can fill every area of their lives. She believes our main purpose in life is to be fully present in the moment and to infuse love into everything we do. She believes that in every suffering there is a lesson that will propel us forward far beyond our wildest dreams if we so allow it. She also believes we are always being guided and we just need to become aware and open to the guidance. Find out more about Gigi at www.litbymiracles.com and gigibisong.com

Master Teresa Yeung

Internationally recognized as a modern Master of Qi Gong, Master Teresa Yeung is also a speaker, remote healer, thought

leader, and three-time #1 international bestselling award-winning author. Her life’s purpose has been helping people reclaim balance and overall wellness in their lives, especially women. She has developed a new Women’s Issues Chi Gong to help them balance their endocrine, reproductive, and yin and yang energy in their body.

Master Teresa is the founder of Pureland International® Qi Gong and The Seventh Happiness® School of Chi Gong. Both are certified, private institutions in Canada.  She is the sole successor of Grandmaster Weizhao Wu’s lineage. Wu was a distinguished qi gong master, educator and creator of the highly successful Wu’s Eye Qi Gong that helped millions of people around the world. She is also approved by the United States National Certification Commission for Acupuncturists and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM), as a continuing education professional development activity (PDA) provider.

Queen Michele


Assistance with New Earth Living. 

Light Worker ~ WayShower ~ Frequency/Code Holder
Queen’s career in education (elementary/middle school) spans across the country, and for 27 years. She is certified in Michigan, Nevada, and Georgia. In 2015, she retired. Still needing to supplement her income, she worked various jobs; curriculum designer for a software company, Uber/Lyft driver, Postmates delivery, secret shopper, merchandising, shutter driver and Airbnb host. In 2016, she moved to Mexico, realizing she would always have to work to supplement. During her first year of living abroad, Queen began a journey of self-discovery. She wrote her first book about the experience of moving to Mexico. It’s entitled “Considerations: A Guide for Moving Abroad.” Click for Queen Michele’s Announcement Queen has dedicated much time in meditation and in the study of deliberate conscious creation of one’s reality. Eventually, she began writing about the insights she received from the Universe. Her second book (ebook only) is entitled, “The Road to Wellbeing.” In 2019, Queen created her own Brand Considerations of the Soul for the continuation of her writings. Her third book, “Traveling Home Together” was released January 18, 2020. Her website contains a biweekly blog entitled Flowing and Growing. Also, a monthly blog called Keeping Tabs in Mexico, which is a sequel of her first book to highlight the continuation of her adventures in Mexico. Products featuring the COTS logo such as mugs, tote bags, journals, and pillows are also featured on her website. Having found her life’s path and purpose Queen endeavors to encourage people to look withIN (self), rather than withOUT (external world) to discover their true essence and purpose for existence in this Earth realm.

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“There is always light. If only we’re brave enough to see it. If only we’re brave enough to be it.”
~ Amanda Gorman

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