Refund / Exchange Policy

Refund / Exchange Policy

We take pride in delivering what we promise – so everything we offer has been tested and proven to boldly transform your world..
Our toolkits, webinars, coaching sessions, and other resources are not something to check out, test drive, or “hope” it will work. Your success depends on your full commitment to practice the inner and outer game strategies I’ll be sharing with you.


EiS Guarantee:

We are 100% committed to giving you tools, strategies, and coaching that set you up to see big changes in your life and business. Our goal is to deliver what we promise and so much more.
That’s why we guarantee that our programs will open your eyes and expand your understanding when you do the work and implement the system.
We’re committed to you getting the relief and results you want – if you’re not experiencing them, we will make sure that you get extra support from our team.
If you complete the program assignments, ask for support, implement, and still don’t feel we delivered on the promise, let us know.
*We require that you fill out our refund questionnaire and submit your completed homework before we can consider a refund or stopping payments. There’s a 10% processing fee with any refund.


There are no refunds on Webinars, MP3 audios or Ebook products.


If you have any questions feel free to contact our Client Care department: info @
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