This approach helps cultivate what research has shown to be the intangible asset with the biggest impact on predicting success…

Personal Innovation Mentoring

Although this is adaptable for organizational application, it’s all about the individuals. For this reason, my approach requires beginning with leadership who sets the tone and standards.

Together we uncover the best life ingredients for the recipes for success that will transform you and the challenges you have been struggling to overcome to live the life you truly want.

My personal innovation mentoring offerings are customized for the needs of each client. These private client options help you get better outcomes in less time with far less frustration. Because as one of my personal clients, you get the exclusive benefit of more access to my personal wealth of wisdom garnered over decades of practice and experience, you will experience faster results than toiling away on your own. Another part of this exclusive service includes personal guidance about how to work with less stress and more joy to experience amazing progress.

If you think working with me is for you, then start out with the primer DIY offers. But if you know working with me now is right for you, click the button below, and let’s get started.

How May I Help You?

“If we could change ourselves ,the tendencies in the world would also change.”
― Mahatma Gandhi

STEP: 01

Get the keys to be The Change

STEP: 02

Learn to think and live more creatively.

STEP: 03

Create recipes for better living


There are many layers to this but at the most fundamental level personal innovation, as a practice and lifestyle, is born out of my artist-research practice. Technically this means that unlike a more traditional business this enterprise exists PRIMARILY in service to advancing of advancing Art as Solution and Art-Based Solutions in service of better outcomes with intractable problems.  In practical terms that means that my offerings and solutions are part of the [We The World] Freedom Campaign fundraising

As noted on the main page for the foundation of that initiative, my personal innovation mentoring solutions help to raise funds to launch the following programs and expansion of existing ones including:

Let’s look at what the term personal innovation means…

While personal growth is a framework for using processes to improve aspects of self that hold you back from being your best self and maybe minimizing negative impacts on others.

Personal innovation is a lifestyle of applying systemic processes that are informed by those aspects of self that have held you back,  to reimagine them as launch pads for becoming your best self and redefining your success to include more positively impacting others. The difference is your success redefined by attention to positive impacts (on self and others), as a lifestyle.

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Personal Innovation Style?

If you are like me productivity is often on your mind. Even though you have seen the research about novel approaches to tap into and harness the power of your creativity – you have just had too many other things on your plate. The rewards of having a hobby, something you enjoy for the joy of doing it, instead of battling not to be overtaken by the stress of status quo-styled success are probably obvious. But when you’re honest – you want a hobby that ALSO supports your need for productivity. If that sounds like you – then Empowered Innovation [CFAaP] System (EIS) was created for you.

This system for personal innovation provides a flexible foundation to help you develop and implement your customized strategy. 

Take the Personal Innovation Style Quiz to get key personal momentum insights to help you begin unlocking the secrets for customizing your plan. 

Forward Thinking Solutions

Businesses and other organizations are facing external pressures to innovate…pressures driven by customers, sustainability goals, social context, proliferation and evolution of technology, as well as the unknown.
Studies show that our best thinking does not typically happen under stress. And so the best solutions can remain out of reach.
Now more than ever, it is clear that each of us has do be our part. This means taking consistent actions to be the change our world needs. And it isn’t as hard as you might think. This approach helps you transform these challenges into launchpads for success personally and collectively. Amazing things become possible when we dare to re-imagine success to include impacts on others.

Get a taste of this approach with a complimentary copy of “The Business Case For Personal Innovation”. With this, you get an example of a specific and persistent obstacle to organizational innovation. Then it presents how that problem can be transformed into a launchpad for success.

You Can Trust Us

Liz Vinc
Liz Vinc
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Yvette Dubel's "Why Brand Risk Management Innovation is a Game Changer" is a succinct guide for business professionals seeking to gain an understanding of brand risk management in order to bring positive change to their company. The book presents a new perspective on common business issues, from declines in shareholder confidence to brand value. The book emphasizes the importance of innovative thinking over technology and makes the case for diversity and a friendly company culture as keys to solving new problems in this Information Age.
Erik MacEachern
Erik MacEachernScottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA)
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"Yvette is a deeply intuitive and insightful person who has a real talent for spotting connections between seemingly unconnected dots. She has a real talent for distilling complex issues down to the simple steps which will move a project forward. Our work on dialogues at many levels has helped me in many aspects of my own business."
Pauline Sameshima
Pauline SameshimaCanada Research Chair in Arts Integrated Studies at Lakehead University
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"Yvette is creative, inviting, eloquent, and articulate. She is passionate about her work and tirelessly forges new avenues and connections to move her passions forward. Yvette brings warmth and humanity to teams and would be a welcome addition to any project."
Marianne K. Ozmun-Wells
Marianne K. Ozmun-WellsEquity, Diversity, and Inclusion Manager DHS - Economic Services Administration- Seattle, Washington, USA
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"Yvette is a dynamic and engaging trainer who conveys creative approaches to business innovation without leaving behind folks who are early in their equity, diversity, and inclusion & journey. Creativity serves Yvette well not only in terms of artistry but also in her ability to creatively engage participants--supporters and skeptics alike. So grateful for the opportunity to attend Yvette's training....."
Robert A. Rice
Robert A. RiceExperienced Startup Executive, author of MMO Evolution, and a contributing author to Working Through Synthetic Worlds- Raleigh, NC, USA
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"Yvette is wonderfully creative and passionate, as well as a great evangelist for art, culture, and technology. She is definitely a thought and idea leader, and worth listening to"
Ronald Wopereis
Ronald WopereisWeb Developer, Consultant, and Father in Hengelo, Nederland
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“Hi Yvette here is a new endorsement just to let you know that my perspective on life has shifted into a new paradigm... There's something inside telling me that i just got home. With deep gratitude...”
Julia Wartman
Julia WartmanVolunteer at We, The World
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Yvette is such an amazing director! Her warmth and positivity she brings to every meeting and get-together always makes our work feel so worthwhile and enjoyable. Her experience in so many fields also has been really insightful throughout our Freedom Film Festival, and now working on the podcast. I joined the organization and group which she leads because I saw similarities in our beliefs and broad goals, and I wanted to help move an organization like the one she leads, forward; but I continue to be a part of Yvette's projects because of the genuine passion for creating positive change that she always brings when we work together. Having Yvette as a director has been a joy.
Sean Luke De Silva
Sean Luke De Silva Highly Skillful Virtual Assistant
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Yvette Dubel gave insight and leadership to organize the freedom film festival. She motivated and managed the team excellently. She provided clear direction to the whole team. She is an excellent leader, mentor and organizer.

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