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Changemaker Yvette Dubel with a Cure for Racism

Y.A. Dubel, best known by friends and family as Yvette, is an engaging speaker-presenter, published author, artist-researcher

How One Woman Is ‘Advancing Inclusion for Better Tomorrows’

Creating a more inclusive workplace isn’t just achieved by hiring more diverse employees or hosting a few one-off inclusion workshops

What You Must Know To Step Up As An Innovation Hero

Creating deeply innovative organizations needs to replace the more simplistic view of creating organizations that are

Yvette Dubel: “Find the courage to listen and reflect when you get push back on your perspective”

Find the courage to listen and reflect when you get push back on your perspective. When I do interviews and I feel that some questions are “off” I embrace the opportunity to start a conversation. The folks that move the ball forward are the ones who reflect on the feedback and use it to learn

Podcast Interviews

ASKDPROS - S3E38 - Yvette Dubel - Personal Innovation Mentor‬

Had the opportunity to have a conversation with Yvette Dubel who is currently focusing on her cure for racism, an initiative powered......

A Comfortfree Conversation About Courage With Yvette Dubel

A discussion on the different dynamics of courage and the utility it offers your life, not only personally, but politically and systematically as well. Be Courageous !

Silent Voices International Radio Station

I Interviewed an American lady called Yvette Dubel the other day. Well, this lady was Primetime honey and cream! Yvette was awesome ......

Heart Of Mind Radio Podcast Panel Participation

On today’s Heart Of Mind, Radio for the NEW Millennium, host Kathryn Davis is joined by some of the We team of We the World, in a celebration of Women’s Month, to have a conversation about being a woman.

Amplifying Black Stories

The mission of this project is to Take Notice (to listen, to hold space) by amplifying Black stories, experiences, and voices. Conversations on family life, finding joy, and interests of folks in our country who encounter racism on a daily basis.

The Thinking Project Podcast

This is the podcast for aspiring entrepreneurs and those who are in the "startup" phase looking for support in pursuing their dream.....

The Inspired Women Podcast

Welcome to The Inspired Women Podcast. On this episode your host Megan Hall interviews Yvette Dubel. She has been called your go to person for the perfect blend of creativity, insight and ability to connect.....

Caught In Your Own Curtains

We are delighted to announce that This Is Moth Death by Timothea Armour, the first of four new audio works commissioned for our Beacon Tower, is now live! The work is looping daily 11-5 and is sited in the Beacon Tower and can be accessed without booking.

Get Known Now Podcast (2016)

I am a strategist that is passionate about helping businesses and organizations achieve triple bottom line success to grow market share and loyalty. It may be that my diverse consultant and life experience is key to finding your solution. Your business strategy can benefit from an uncommon vantage point

Quotes in media

David Dubel asked his now-wife, Yvette Dubel, out on April 17, 1989, when he was a student at East Carolina University. She was a high-school senior and invited him to join her at a student fair, collecting signatures against apartheid in South Africa.
Ms. Dubel didn’t know how to introduce her date. “I couldn’t call him my boyfriend,” she says. Mr. Dubel took matters into his own hands. “I’m her future husband,” he told her friends.
He was right. They married in 1990 and have three children.
What was there that first day? “Soul recognition,” says Ms. Dubel, now 44 and an arts education consultant in Greenville, N.C. Mr. Dubel, a 45-year-old training supervisor for United Parcel Service, says, “I saw it in her eyes—what a sweet person she was and that she was the one.”
“For the last 20+ years, I have cultivated a unique understanding of how to transform challenges into launchpads for success. For this most recent initiative, the system is being used to focus on a very specific aspect of what gets in the way of innovation, because its impacts reach so much further than that.
It’s also a great feeling to form an allyship with We The World. Through our partnership they’ve stepped up to enable the social innovation required if we ever hope to achieve anything close to a world that works for all of us. Also, releasing the book is an act of vulnerability because I go so public with my need to hope that there are enough courageous influential people willing to pay attention, listen and make this work a priority”, stated Dubel.
While only 45% of all people were likely to purchase from ThirdLove for themselves or someone else, that percentage jumps to 55% when looking specifically at female consumers.
The lingerie company’s core mission is to offer the perfect fit — an idea that all women can relate to. ThirdLove markets its body-inclusive products with a diverse cast of models, appealing to consumers like Yvette Dubel, a personal innovation mentor that has recently purchased from the brand.
“I chose them because their expressions of diversity and inclusion seem more genuine,” Dubel said. “The very nature of the products and how they market them honor dignity and humanity.”
While the brand could expand its idea of representation, it’s mission has definitely resonated with Yvette Dubel, a personal innovation mentor. She has an order from ThirdLove on the way.
“I chose them because their expressions of diversity and inclusion seem more genuine,” Dubel said. “The very nature of the products and how they market them honor dignity and humanity.”
ThirdLove has donated over $40 million in bras to the homeless and other groups in need of basic essentials — something Dubel considers to be one of the most needed expressions of inclusion considering over half of the homeless population is non-white. The brand’s commitment to providing a body-inclusive product reached all women, and their decision to diversify their models broadened their target audience, appealing to consumers who value inclusion.
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