Each episode features a story or conversation about stepping up to be who we claim to be and wish we were to move closer to the better life and better world we want. Learn how guests found the courage to see challenging truths about themselves and then did something about it. Together we learn what it takes to “be the change” more of the time…and we explore the way that reality works and feels.

Helping smart leaders who want to avoid being victims of change. With Empowered Innovation programs we help you turn challenges into launchpads for success.


“This is not my first podcast. When I did my very first one the term didn’t exist yet. Back then they called it “online radio” and there were no online platforms. My first producer did it all old school using old telephone equipment hooked up to her PC. But because downloading huge audio took a while and we paid by the minute for internet so that limited our audience reach. My next podcast was on the Blog Talk Radio platform and I had fun with that for a while. Then after that came Context Magazine with photoessays and embedded podcast interviews in a digital magazine. Now if we rewind way back to the mid-1990’s I worked as on-air radio talent, mostly providing hourly weather updates. All this is to say that I have a bit of experience – and as a host, I have a knack for putting my guest at ease.”

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