Artist-Researcher Yvette Dubel collaborates with We The World to introduce a new approach to improve diversity inclusion in organizations

Yvette Dubel has launched a new approach that will enable organizations to successfully incorporate diversity and inclusion in their businesses to unleash forces of innovation and growth in changing times. Toronto, Canada

Yvette Dubel has launched a new approach that will enable organizations to successfully incorporate diversity and inclusion in their businesses to unleash forces of innovation and growth in changing times.

Toronto, Canada – April 06, 2021 – Artist-Researcher, author, and consultant Yvette Dubel has recently launched a new diversity and inclusion approach to help business organizations drive innovation and thrive under pressure, especially in the current uncertain pandemic era. Decades of work led to her “Empowered Innovation (CFAap) System”, it’s powering new solutions that go to the heart of one of the biggest challenges to innovation. Dubel has collaborated with NYC UN-recognized non-profit We the World to introduce a new “a cure for racism” fundraiser initiative for the Freedom Campaign. It serves as an introduction to more humane and strategic approaches to better DEI leadership that address the reasons that most corporate diversity training fails.

It’s an online program and is specially designed for courageous business leaders who are ready to make DEI (diversity equity inclusion) a priority. Qualified business decision-makers can request “The Business Case For Personal Innovation” whitepaper and everyone is invited to sign up for the introduction webinar with an e-ticket by donating to the We The World Freedom Campaign. Attendees will get access to additional content to help implement what they learn. Supporters will get a discount on the new book, “A Cure For Racism” which includes an updated version of the “Be The Change Playbook”.  

“For the last 20+ years, I have cultivated a unique understanding of how to transform challenges into launchpads for success. For this most recent initiative, the system is being used to focus on a very specific aspect of what gets in the way of innovation, because its impacts reach so much further than that.   

It’s also a great feeling to form an allyship with We The World. Through our partnership, they’ve stepped up to enable the social innovation required if we ever hope to achieve anything close to a world that works for all of us. Also, releasing the book is an act of vulnerability because I go so public with my need to hope that there are enough courageous influential people willing to pay attention, listen and make this work a priority”, stated Dubel. 

Speaking on, Dubel stressed that the program is needed now more than ever because businesses and organizations are currently under huge pressure to innovate. That’s one reason for offering the “The Business Case for Personal Innovation” whitepaper. Qualified decision-makers who find the whitepaper helpful can get access to a complimentary Empowered Innovation[CFAaP] Continuum Self-Assessment tool.  

“Research has shown diversity and inclusion is a major force behind innovation. This is certainly one of the prime diversity inclusion training benefits that a business organization will be able to inculcate through our program. My approach addresses the blindspots that cause the most popular corporate DEI training to actually not only fail but to make matters worse.”

The Empowered Innovation [CFAaP] System is the foundation of personalized solutions which would guide decision-makers to understand mental model adaptations required for diversity inclusion.  

Dubel presented three significant statistics in support of her statement on the importance of diversity and inclusion in releasing the forces of innovation in an organization-

  • 85% of CEOs whose organizations have a diversity and inclusion strategy say it enhances overall organizational performance.
  • Intentionally fostering inclusion makes companies 45% more likely to increase market share
  • Highly inclusive organizations rate themselves 170% better at innovation 

“A major reason why many traditional diversity and inclusion programs fail is that they don’t take seriously the personal resistance to change when organizations are shaped by the people within them. But, our program begins with assisting smart business leaders to understand the personal nature of innovation- the key to sidestepping or shifting personal resistance. Our solution will lead creative business leaders and their teams to discover a new path which can actually deliver meaningful lasting impacts.”

The customized diversity and inclusion program will be delivered through group or 1-on-1 personal innovation mentoring.

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