What's Your
Personal Innovation Style?

The Key To Empower Business Corporations As Ingredients.

Businesses and organizations are transformed by the people in them. And because businesses have been a major player in innovation and society, there is reason for interest in how that change occurs. 

Discover what happens when your personal innovation style insights and new emotional management skills open your access to the ease of personal momentum. Experience a deep transformation that redefines your success to make it more meaningful and fulfilling.

  • Imagine using who you are and how you prefer to operate as guidance so that you learn how to effortlessly engage your personal momentum to move to forward towards your goals.
  • Imagine traveling a path to success that advances realizing a better world that works for all and knowing your success is a key ingredient in one of our solution recipes
  • Imagine the freedom you gain when you embark on mastery of your emotions and attention…no longer giving others the power to ruin your day or feeling trapped by emotional triggers always outside of your control 
  • And reap the leadership benefits that come from cultivating the skills and knowledge required by the emerging future.
  • Many folks in leadership positions want to be part of the solution and also experience personal success. But at the same time, they want a better world that works for all of us, and they are terrified by this unknown territory.
  • It’s natural to feel fear when facing an unknown,  even if that is a future that is better than our past. What does that mean for you? You want to find the courage to break through your fears. You are longing for the chance to experience the transformation that carries you to the other side of fear, worry, and stress without having to sacrifice your success in life.

What Changes When Your Success Becomes Deeply Satisfying & Meaningful?

About Me

Y.A. Dubel

Y.A. Dubel, best known by friends and family as Yvette, is an engaging speaker-presenter, published author, artist-researcher, and strategy consultant turned Personal Innovation Mentor, with decades committed to social innovation initiatives. She is the mother of 3 much-loved adults, happily married for more than 30 yrs to her favorite guy, and companion to several pampered animals. She is also the Artist-Researcher in Residence coordinating We, The World Freedom Campaign a growing international UN-recognized nonprofit organization. With the We Team, she launched [WE]Freedom Film Fest,  a virtual short film festival in 2020 (as part of the 11 Days of Global Unity Events with Screening on the International Day of Peace), and “a cure for racism” project in 2021 (as part of the MLK 40 Days of Peace Celebration). That project led to her latest book by the same title. And as part of her [CFAaP] series that has led to her most recent project, an Embodied Performance for the Global Week of Unity 2021 collaboration.


Featuring Wisdom Seasoned Ingredients Activating Art as Inquiry

Join us for this embodied performance as inquiry series opportunity!
Launched during the Week of Global Unity 2021 Celebration.

How May I Help You?

“If we could change ourselves ,the tendencies in the world would also change.”
― Mahatma Gandhi

STEP: 01

Get the keys to be The Change

STEP: 02

Learn to think and live more creatively.

STEP: 03

Create recipes for better living

Work With Me

In such a divided time, having committed allies is more important than ever. This isn’t about what you have to lose but about how to get what you really want in a way that ushers in our better world. If we want to free our society that has been plagued for too long by racism, then we need you to do the brave brass tacks level of work to make that possible. Because the sad truth is, it runs deep. It may seem hard to know exactly what to do to shift the cultural norms and policies that define and sustain systemic racism. This book was created in response to actual questions I heard, a legacy of wisdom and my personal insights over many decades. This essential set of knowledge and approaches will make addressing systemic racism less stressful and provide relief by bringing together creativity and personal momentum to change the way you understand your success.

This distinguishes my approach to Diversity Equity Inclusion as focus area it exist as a symptom of the problem of  isms or othering. Racism is one of the most persist and system shaping challenges we face. Will you work with me to move “a cure for racism” forward?

Yvette Dubel Conscious leaders with vision and wisdom driving triple bottom line success (PROFIT, PEOPLE, PLANET).

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Articles and Stories

Easy Advice Start Getting Your Shopping Under Control

It can be amazing to go shopping seeking something new, however the adventure doesn’t last for long. It doesn’t take long and you need to acquire something else to catch the exact same feeling. Or perhaps you’re just one of those people that leave the house for carrots and juice and also come home with tuna, trail mix and also a coffeepot.

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You Can Trust Us

Liz Vinc
Liz Vinc
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Yvette Dubel's "Why Brand Risk Management Innovation is a Game Changer" is a succinct guide for business professionals seeking to gain an understanding of brand risk management in order to bring positive change to their company. The book presents a new perspective on common business issues, from declines in shareholder confidence to brand value. The book emphasizes the importance of innovative thinking over technology and makes the case for diversity and a friendly company culture as keys to solving new problems in this Information Age.
Erik MacEachern
Erik MacEachernScottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA)
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"Yvette is a deeply intuitive and insightful person who has a real talent for spotting connections between seemingly unconnected dots. She has a real talent for distilling complex issues down to the simple steps which will move a project forward. Our work on dialogues at many levels has helped me in many aspects of my own business."
Pauline Sameshima
Pauline SameshimaCanada Research Chair in Arts Integrated Studies at Lakehead University
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"Yvette is creative, inviting, eloquent, and articulate. She is passionate about her work and tirelessly forges new avenues and connections to move her passions forward. Yvette brings warmth and humanity to teams and would be a welcome addition to any project."
Marianne K. Ozmun-Wells
Marianne K. Ozmun-WellsEquity, Diversity, and Inclusion Manager DHS - Economic Services Administration- Seattle, Washington, USA
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"Yvette is a dynamic and engaging trainer who conveys creative approaches to business innovation without leaving behind folks who are early in their equity, diversity, and inclusion & journey. Creativity serves Yvette well not only in terms of artistry but also in her ability to creatively engage participants--supporters and skeptics alike. So grateful for the opportunity to attend Yvette's training....."
Robert A. Rice
Robert A. RiceExperienced Startup Executive, author of MMO Evolution, and a contributing author to Working Through Synthetic Worlds- Raleigh, NC, USA
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"Yvette is wonderfully creative and passionate, as well as a great evangelist for art, culture, and technology. She is definitely a thought and idea leader, and worth listening to"
Ronald Wopereis
Ronald WopereisWeb Developer, Consultant, and Father in Hengelo, Nederland
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“Hi Yvette here is a new endorsement just to let you know that my perspective on life has shifted into a new paradigm... There's something inside telling me that i just got home. With deep gratitude...”
Julia Wartman
Julia WartmanVolunteer at We, The World
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Yvette is such an amazing director! Her warmth and positivity she brings to every meeting and get-together always makes our work feel so worthwhile and enjoyable. Her experience in so many fields also has been really insightful throughout our Freedom Film Festival, and now working on the podcast. I joined the organization and group which she leads because I saw similarities in our beliefs and broad goals, and I wanted to help move an organization like the one she leads, forward; but I continue to be a part of Yvette's projects because of the genuine passion for creating positive change that she always brings when we work together. Having Yvette as a director has been a joy.
Sean Luke De Silva
Sean Luke De Silva Highly Skillful Virtual Assistant
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Yvette Dubel gave insight and leadership to organize the freedom film festival. She motivated and managed the team excellently. She provided clear direction to the whole team. She is an excellent leader, mentor and organizer.
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