Authenticity and Value - Key to online presence

What's the shelf life of your content and value over time?


What’s it worth?

Don’t wait until brand saving action is required.

A few of the problems we can help address include:

  • Branding and Reputation Development
  • Meaningful branding content
  • Social media and event marketing strategy
  • Customer loss prevention
  • Declines in brand confidence or value
  • Increased pressure from your competition
  • Internal sabotage
  • Worsening Employee engagement and performance

Would a $100,000 deal help your business?

Some of you are in industries with a great deal of competition. When this happens businesses like yours can get pulled into a series of price wars. Brand distinction is only part of the answer to escaping that rat race. This is the problem of many recruitment firms. Recently a company owner came looking for a service offering that could distinguish her brand and help her company work smarter.

With one strategy session a recruitment consultancy firm we provided a plan for an easy $100,000 opportunity they had overlooked. With a unique analysis process that evaluates your situation, then engagement and problem assessment to customize your strategy this is not your typical strategic planning session. Thinking outside the box about adding unique value for the client’s business had led to new ways of extending benefits and improving efficiency… doubling the win-win outcome!

Before that it might have been hard for that business owner to say what a new perspective was worth. Now it was certainly worth at least the amount of that $100,000 deal. Success or failure in the end starts with your leadership decisionmaking and ends with execution of your strategy. If your strategy doesn’t put you on the leading edge you will always be trying to keep up with your competitors instead of the other way around.  

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You could get ahead of the game

But first you need concise information to help you distinguish your business brand from the pack.  Get ahead of the rat race as a strategic leader with an outside the box approach.

Art Based Solutions Executive Assessment

Highlights the pitfalls of modern business and how they can be avoided Overall this book is a must read for any business decision maker… as it highlights the common pitfalls and shows you how they can be avoided. This book will change the way you look at business in general and as promised show you why brand risk management is a game changer. M. Naylor

Well-written risk management read “Why Brand Risk Management Innovation is a Game Changer” by Yvette Dubel is a succinct guide for business professionals seeking to gain an understanding of brand risk management in order to bring positive change to their company. The book presents a new perspective on common business issues…” J. Linson

Very Good “…This book has helped me learn how I can take my business above the competition. Overall, a great way to acquire new thinking for leaders who want to increase the value of their brand no matter what. Highly recommended.” Samantha L.

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