Essential Internal Package

Branding Basics

Today when you give someone your card the first thing they do is look you up online. When they do what will they find?    

You need help with your brand’s presence online. You know you need to use social media effectively but you still need the internal clarity to have your online presence pay off.

You may be at your wits end or wanting to avoid that fate. What is certain is you want to see your business grow.

You need a strategy for online engagement that is connected to a core business strategy but you are overwhelmed with just keeping your business afloat.

You don’t have a big team to bring you ideas or implement them. You know you need help setting relevant benchmarks, and tracking results without having to learn data analysis.

WebAntiphon is here to help when you want a social media strategy with an educational marketing slant. You don’t want to be just another business posting crap online.  That’s because substantive content is elevated as a resource and that extends shelf life. That means instead of just a blip on a tweet stream it can become a consumable informational resource when your potential clients are looking for information.

Strategy and Action Plan Assistance to:

  • improve meaningful engagement with customers
  • improve sales and profitability
  • establish or improve your online reputation
  • develop your brand’s value
  • improve your online branding and marketing efficiency
  • and save time

What you get:  Brand and reputation development

  • Content Creation – basic education marketing content and brief consultation on your brand strategy
  • Download links.
  • Social media shares with relevant hashtags (Get found on Twitter)
  • Strategy for getting the most mileage from content created
  • You get up to 3 weeks of support to implement your strategy (one-on-one via text message, email, phone, etc.)
  • Assistance revising strategy based on changing circumstances and new information


Yvette is wonderfully creative and passionate, as well as a great evangelist for art, culture, and technology. She is definitely a thought and idea leader, and worth listening to R. A. Rice

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