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Don’t worry if your business or organizational challenge isn’t addressed by one of the starter package below. Custom consulting is an option as well. Click here for more information.

 People say…

“…highly motivated, intelligent and thoughtful…Her knowledge of CSR is impressive, as is her ability to ‘connect’ with people.” J. Friedman

Corporate Responsibility Communications Director, and Huffington Post writer

Yvette is wonderfully creative and passionate, as well as a great evangelist for art, culture, and technology. She is definitely a thought and idea leader, and worth listening to R. A. Rice

Experienced Startup Executive, author of MMO Evolution, and a contributing author to Working Through Synthetic Worlds

Yvette is a very enthusiastic and multi-talented Principal of Communications for Not-for-Profit international organisations; helped to raise thousands of Pound [£] for Charities. Footstepforlife team are impressed by her ability to develop partnerships with different groups at different locations of the world, and her strong belief in developing multiple but strong to achieve goals makes her exceptional. Yes she is a highly motivated, intelligent and thoughtful leader; driving to success with great social responsibility goals, Yvette is impressive. B. Umedi

EBC Consultants to Construction, Oil and Gas Industries

Basic Essential Package

Basic ACTION starter package
  • You know you need to use social media effectively but the more your research the more confused and overwhelmed you feel. You need a strategy for online engagement that is connected to a core business strategy but how do you do that? You don’t have a big team to bring you ideas or implement them. All you need right now is the next step and a better strategy. Click for more details

Essentials Combination Package

Next level ACTION option
  • Brand development is more than your logo or website colors. Needing help with your brand’s presence online is only the tip of the iceberg. You know you need to use social media effectively and all your research has left you more confused than ever. Not to mention you still have a business to run.
  • Click for more deetails

Research & Development Project Design

Perfect for strategy linked innovation projects
  • Perfect for Research and Development (R&D) projects. Combining art and our systems thinking approaches to focus on your identified needs, priorities and resources to offer solutions that value efficiency PROJECT SPECIFIC INVESTMENT – contact for quote.
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Project Management for your Solution

Special project management package
  • Project Management for Strategy + Action Plan based on your detailed Implementation proposal. Assistance with resource allocations, team selection, targets, etc. PROJECT SPECIFIC INVESTMENT – contact for quote
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