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Help for smart leaders and owners

Too many smart creative business owners, professionals, and leaders know their business but struggle to keep up with the fast pace of change and issues impacting their potential success. This leaves most confused, overwhelmed and stressed or worse paralyzed by what they don’t know. But how do those emotional states help?
They don’t.

Research supports that best outcomes do not come from fear and worry states.

The highest functions of the brain include the ability to:

  •  regulate our emotions
  •  suppress our biases
  •  switch between tasks
  •  solve complex problems
  •  think creatively and flexibly
Fortunately, these are skills that can be learned by most people and they are impossible to automate. That means this is not something technology alone can fix. Many experienced leaders realize the need for a more informed proactive responses like Empowered Innovation. Booking an Empowered Innovation Talk is a mini-workshop that can get you and your group on the right track or keep you there, depending on your needs.

 People say…

Yvette Dubel’s “Why Brand Risk Management Innovation is a Game Changer” is a succinct guide for business professionals seeking to gain an understanding of brand risk management in order to bring positive change to their company. The book presents a new perspective on common business issues, from declines in shareholder confidence to brand value. The book emphasizes the importance of innovative thinking…

Liz Vinc

Book Reviewer

Yvette is wonderfully creative and passionate, as well as a great evangelist for art, culture, and technology. She is definitely a thought and idea leader, and worth listening to R. A. Rice

Experienced Startup Executive, author of MMO Evolution, and a contributing author to Working Through Synthetic Worlds

“…highly motivated, intelligent and thoughtful…Her knowledge of CSR is impressive, as is her ability to ‘connect’ with people.” J. Friedman

Corporate Responsibility Communications Director, and Huffington Post writer

Empowered Innovation Talk

Introduction to the Empowered Innovation Principles
  • You and your group/organization get a mini workshop styled 45-60 min talk. The Empowered Innovation Principles are briefly introduced and we use our time together to dive more deeply into 3 of them.

Empowered Innovation Circle

Online program where we play with principles
  • 6 Week program
  • Online role play game guiding you through all 6 of the Empowered Innovation Principles and how to use them in your business life.
  • Follow up support to answer your questions – Weekly calls with email/text access to me during your program
  • BONUS 
  • In addition to the included support you get:
  • A One on One sessions to help you get the most from the program
  • Get your copy of “Why Brand Risk Management Innovation Is a Game Changer, and How to get ahead of the game”
  • $100 Discount on your Empowered Innovation Experience Ticket

Research & Development Project Design

Perfect for strategy linked innovation projects
  • Perfect for Research and Development (R&D) projects. Combining art and our systems thinking approaches to focus on your identified needs, priorities and resources to offer solutions that value efficiency PROJECT SPECIFIC INVESTMENT – contact for quote.
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Project Management for your Solution

Special project management package
  • Project Management for Strategy + Action Plan based on your detailed Implementation proposal. Assistance with resource allocations, team selection, targets, etc. PROJECT SPECIFIC INVESTMENT – contact for quote
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