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Symptoms and Problems

“We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”
― Albert Einstein

Outside box thinking consulting & development services

We specialize in outside box thinking and forward thinking events that will determine whether or not you are remembered at the time of purchase and just HOW your brand is recalled. If you want to prevent or stop customer attrition, increase referrals and loyalty, then we need to talk.

We can help you create relationship enhancing forward thinking events that connect with boutique and emerging markets, especially but not exclusively focused on the diversity of women. Let us customize something already in our wheelhouse or we can create something new just for you.

Increasing brand distinction to prevent customer attrition

Art Based Solutions (cfAaP) ™ help you get more from the resources you’re already investing in & chart a better strategic course for the future
With solutions that increase meaningfulness which can translate into increased brand value & profitability, positive impacts & value for shareholders.

Getting the benefit of outside the box thinking

It can help reduce the overwhelment that come with information overload by contextualizing in more meaningful way for strategic business advantage.

Leaning towards innovation with outside the box thinking

My art based solutions (cfAaP) ™ collaborations are your lean towards innovation. Putting forward thinking & thinking outside the box into action starts with leadership, team mates & customers leaning toward mental models conducive to innovation.

Helping clients break the diversity code

WebAntiphon Group understands diversity. People are not demographic labels. Women are no exception. Art Based Solutions are unencumbered by the limitations of old mental models of market segmentation.

Get strategic insights in the free white paper and consider issues like diversity and market segmentation with new vision. Use the form on the right to get it sent to your inbox today. You can learn more about Consulting inquiries click here.

Applications include but not limited to:

  • Stop Brand Value Hemorrhages
  • Increase Loyalty with Innovative Research & Development,
  • Strategic Planning for Customer Attrition Prevention
  • Diversity & Inclusion Initiatives
  • Risk Management Innovation
  • Community Change Management
  • General “outside box thinking” consulting
  • Request outside box thinking white papers

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