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Highlights the pitfalls of modern business and how they can be avoided

Overall this book is a must read for any business decision maker… as it highlights the common pitfalls and shows you how they can be avoided. This book will change the way you look at business in general and as promised show you why brand risk management is a game changer. Michael Naylor

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)



Can you help with my problem?

If you are business owner, partner or CEO that cares about having a profitable business and having the most positive possible impact doing it, then probably the answer is a resounding YES.

If you have any doubts request your RISK FREE Express Strategy Review Session.

Why do I need a strategy?

Your strategy is critical to your brand positioning in the marketplace, the minds (and hearts) of your customers.

  • Strategy-blueprint for competitive advantage

Additional helpful facts to keep in mind:

  • Plan-for each strategic goal there’s a way to evaluate and achieve
  • Process-methods used to carry out plan

Take advantage of your RISK FREE Express Strategy Review Session

Will my returns justify the investment of working with you?

Absolutely! In case you only need a few strategic gems to put you on a self-help track  the appropriate free course you can get started right now. And it won’t cost you a dime. From your current perspective  the way forward is less than clear. After our work together the clouds of confusion part so you confidently pave the path ahead. You have not just a strategy but a plan and if you prefer, the team to help you implement it.

To find if this is right for you cost you nothing but a few minutes of your time. Book your RISK FREE Strategy Review Session now. 

How do you help?
  • You get affordable flat rate consulting packages that can address a wide range of problems you face.
  • You get the benefits of a Chief Strategy Officer without the typical budget impact.
  • You get follow up support flexibility customized to meet your needs.
  • You get help that can mean the difference between whether your business effectively manages or is overtaken by new growth.

Download your free copy of “Why Brand Risk Management Innovation Is A Game Changer, and how to get ahead of the game” on this page. 

 Schedule your RISK FREE Strategy Review Session today and see for yourself. 

How do you help with Brand Risk Management Innovation

Brand Risk Management is typically framed as an aversion to legal liability. However, Brand Risk Management Innovation takes a broader longer view with the goal of better outcomes that include increasing brand value, increasing employee and customer retention to grow your profits. I help you develop innovative strategies and plans to achieve those outcomes by distinguishing your brand in meaningful ways that include impact.

Current Opportunities:

Use the form on this page to download your free copy of “Why Brand Risk Management Is A Game Changer, and how to get ahead of the game”

No Risk No Cost Express Strategy Review Session   (Value at least $150)

Current flat rate strategy packages They can stand on their own or work as first phase of customization for collaboration on Women Crossings or one of my other event marketing/branding  opportunities (aka sponsorship properties).  These are not your typical sponsorship opportunities. Each can be enhanced by strategy packages which actually encompass the work of developing and planning the execution of a customization solution that supports your current strategic plan and objectives or helps clarify them.

Hi and thanks for stopping by!

Who do I help?

  • People who care about leading profitable business and having the most positive possible impact doing it

What kind of help will you get?

  1. Solutions 
  • Figuring out what solution(s) you need and why
  • Plan to develop and implement solution(s)
  • And personal support in that process

      2. Realize Untapped Potential 

  • Growth strategies based on identifying or evaluating new opportunities,
  • Plan for taking advantage of new opportunities,
  • Exploring why and personal support in that process

How you get help?

  • You get an easy start with top notch outside box thinking in easy flat rate strategic planning packages.
  • Your comprehensive package includes personal one on one follow up support.
  • Even better you can get help with revisions based on unexpected turn of events, outside pressures and other challenges.

Why me?

If you’re proud to be one who still cares and believes, there’s a good chance you need a consultant like me.

I’m Yvette Dubel. And it may be that my diverse consultant and life experience is key to finding your solution.   , neotraditional mother to 3 of my favorite people ~ happy wife of 1 (still my favorite guy) for 25+yrs, and my passion is helping you achieve w/ #humanity 

You business benefits from access to a master solution finder, tech enthusiast, diversity inclusion specialist, project lead specializing in brand risk management innovation who also happens to be a contributing artist-author to “A Heart of Wisdom: Life Writing as Empathetic Inquiry (Complicated Conversation)”
What does that means for you? You get access to a broad range of expertise committed to being part of the change your business and our world needs… in real practical ways.  I  look forward to exploring how we can work together to ensure that you succeed in these changing times. 

Ready to get started?

  1. First, you can use the form above to get your free copy of “Why Brand Risk Management Innovation Is A Game Changer, and how to get ahead of the game” sent to your inbox.
  2. Then say Yes to your free Express Strategy Review Session by booking yours now using the button below. 

Still have questions? Send me a message or set up a brief “Handshake Chat“.

Until we meet or meet again…

Wishing you success and peace,


Yvette Dubel

CEO & Founder, Business Strategist, Thought Leader, WebAntiphon Group

Yvette Dubel author of Why Risk Management Innovation Is a Game Changer

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Owner of #Chinese News Aggregator #Toutiao Seeks $10 Billion Valuation – #Tech #Innovation

Parent company Bytedance is aiming to buck a trend of slowdown in start-up invesment.The owner of Toutiao, a popular news aggregation app in China, is seeking a valuation of more than $10 billion, bucking a trend of slowing investment in the start-up industry, the Wall Street Journal reports.The app’s parent company, Beijing Bytedance Technology, seeks to raise about $1 billion in its latest round, according to the Journal. The fresh valuation marks rapid progress for the company, which was worth only $500 million in 2014.It also indicates an uptick in start-up backing; venture capital investment in the industry fell 14% to $24.1 billion globally in the third quarter, the Journal reports, the lowest for that quarter since 2014. Source: Owner of Chinese News Aggregator Toutiao Seeks $10 Billion... read more

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Michael Taylor: New Paintings  Nancy Sever Gallery, 4/6 Kennedy Street, Kingston Closes November 20, Wed-Sun, 11am-6pm Michael Taylor, who is fresh from acclaim at the survey exhibition of 50 years of his art at the Canberra Museum and Gallery that only closed last month, is now presenting a large new exhibition of recent paintings that have been executed over the past two years. Aged in his early 80s, Taylor remains compulsive, prolific and works with unbridled energy. This show is what could be termed an “unedited exhibition”, with a number of striking and very successful pieces – and a few that could be best left unexhibited. Compared with the exhibition that Taylor held in this gallery last year, in palette, mood and temperament this is a darker exhibition that favours murky blues and blacks with only a few rays of sunlight. He works primarily with dark colours on a light pink ground so that the forms frequently vibrate with nervous energy and dance across the surface of the painting, radiating with a halo-like appearance. Source: New works by Canberra region artist Michael Taylor at Nancy Sever Gallery show an enduring... read more

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“We’re trying to tune in to about one billion radio stations, if you like.” The CSIRO Parkes radiotelescope is joining the hunt for alien life. If “the truth is out there,” Australia is going to help find it. On Tuesday, the Parkes radio telescope in western New South Wales joined the Stephen Hawking-backed Breakthrough Listen project, which scours the universe for alien life. Along with the Green Bank Telescope in West Virginia and the Automated Planet Finder at Lick Observatory in California, the telescope will help survey galaxies close to our own for extraterrestrials. Its first task on Monday night? Taking a look at the red dwarf star Proxima Centauri that could have a promising planet in its orbit Source: Australia’s looking for aliens now, as it should... read more

#WomenCrossings #EBCouncil Spotlight – Dr. Shawne Duperon @ShawneTV

Dr. Shawne Duperon Before giving the official introduction to Shawne, let me tell you how we first met. It was our convergence that led to me meeting Teresa.It was just after she launched her Project Forgive. I had a project by the same name (Project:Forgive) at that time sparked by my father’s death and our unresolved issues. She had gotten some media coverage that mistakenly included my website link in her article. It just so happened that this occurred while I was away celebrating our wedding anniversary so I wasn’t really checking messages. But something made me check in and I got hers.I did a quick summary blog post about her project and included a link back to her site. For me that was an easy call because after learning about it I felt hopeful and inspired. She and her team were very grateful and I heard from several people thanking me. Shawne and Teresa actually wanted to speak and connect with me. (That’s when I was first invited to an EBC event.) We connected on LinkedIn and Facebook but it wasn’t until the August (2016) EBC Retreat that I really understood how much we have in common. She became even more of an inspiration.Watching her coach people on stage during the retreat was awesome because was a profound mix of tough love and genuine compassion. She is truly a force for good. Source: #WomenCrossings #EBCouncil Spotlight – Dr. Shawne... read more
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