Ethical Entrepreneurship

Start out right to avoid problems down the road

You want to be different

You have or are trying to get your first customers. You are ready to defy the odds.  You know your brand and effective management are key. You need to be different.

  • 25% will fail in their first year of business.
  • Of those remaining, 36% will fold in their second year.
  • Of those still standing, 44% will fail in their 4th year.
  • And of those remaining, HALF will fail in their 5th year.


  And for you, successful business means more than just profitability. You want to build a business you are proud of. You understand that you success as a socially responsible business owner means you are an important part of the solution our world needs. You need a customized strategy and plan for your successful sustainable business.

  • Strategy-blueprint for competitive advantage
  • Plan-for each strategic goal there’s a way to evaluate and achieve
  • Process-methods used to carry out plan

You know how to do what you do. But making that into a business changed everything more than your imagined. And now you need help re-imagining traditional business thinking for your brand different. Most likely the more research you do the more confused and overwhelmed you’re feeling. That’s ok because that’s gotten you this far. You only fail if you give up. So your next step is to not getting trapped in “research paralysis” where you research and miss your chance of taking the leap to realize your full potential. Clarity comes from action.  Book your RISK FREE Express Strategy Review Session now. 

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Yvette is wonderfully creative and passionate, as well as a great evangelist for art, culture, and technology. She is definitely a thought and idea leader, and worth listening to R. A. Rice

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