Big Data in Marketing; 5 Use Cases |

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At the same time that more businesses are looking for ways to jump on the data bandwagon of the future few have a long term view that includes risks and threats. That especially applies to those stemming from concerns from the customers they want to capture. Hacking risks are the ones people are most likely to name but what about growing privacy concerns on behalf of the consuming public? This all made more complicated by the fact that few decision makers outside the tech department have any real clue about the very deep waters they are wading into.

And so it is….until it isn’t.

Big data is more than just a buzzword. In fact, the huge amounts of data that we’re gathering could well change all areas of our life, from improving healthcare outcomes to helping to manage traffic levels in metropolitan areas and, of course, making our marketing campaigns far more powerful. That’s because marketers are increasingly using artificial intelligence and machine learning to parse huge amounts of data and to draw conclusions. They can even use predictive analytics to figure out what customer

Source: Big Data in Marketing; 5 Use Cases |

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