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(Press Release) Jun. 6, 2013 – CHICAGO – CEOs, industry leaders and business decision makers live with the pressure of steering their organization in the right direction, unaware of the strategic assets hidden in their midst. This anxiety can be exacerbated by the rapid pace of change that can move into unimagined territory too quickly for comfort. Unlikely to change anytime soon, decision makers will have to adapt faster.
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(Press Release) – Nov. 19, 2012 – In E. Hasebe-Ludt, C. Chambers, C. Leggo, & A. Sinner (Eds.), A heart of wisdom: Life writing as empathetic inquiry. New York, NY: Peter Lang ( – this new anthology presents life writing that blows the lid off of tensions and complexities of learning and teaching. “Bloodtrails” from Pauline Sameshima and Yvette Dubel ( ) gives readers powerful revelations of social justice in educational experiences. These two contributors to the anthology use visual art, poetry and prose to peel back the layers of a complicated experience covering many years from converging perspectives.

(Press Release) – Nov. 28, 2012 – It may be obvious that new entrepreneurs can learn from the resilience of seasoned small businesses recovering from a crisis or natural disaster. But what can they learn from artists? This questioning offers an opportunity to have new conversations about the value of innovation as an integral component of growth. Why has the value of innovation been promoted primarily to large corporations and international conglomerates?

The truth is that nonrprofit organizations, community institutions and small businesses must also understand the value of innovation. It is an aspect that is vital to their survival and growth. Innovation is a way of talking about ability to creatively adapt and change in ways that support growth and improved efficiency. Unfortunately, many leaders and decision makers fail to recognize the value of looking broad and long term as they grow or rebuild, and end users are often a last thought (if at all).

Clinton, NJ, October 27, 2011 –(– enVision Solutions from the WebAntiphon Project Group ( introduces Context, a quarterly online magazine where sustainable business embraces eco-luxury lifestyle using new media to better serve mature women. Context magazine makes it easier for customers and businesses in the eco-luxury and sustainability niche to find each other and advance meaningful relationships using new media. The publication takes the conversation about solutions to ailing economies to a new level by recognizing the global power of the markets – that lies in the hands of consumers, advocates, and entrepreneurs.

(Press Release) Las Vegas, NV (PRWEB) September 27, 2006 Twelve Macedonian artists and a group of graphic novel artists from Northern England will exhibit their works. However there was international interest in participating in this Peace One Day event which is also the official launch of “what-is-peace?” The Studio’s collaboration as part of Cultural Fusion, a groundbreaking art series. This event drew interest from individuals and organizations from a number of African states, India and from Brazil.

The Studio’s Peace Exhibition attracted more than 300 attendees including Gligor Tashkovich: Minister without Portfolio (for Foreign Investment) who gave an inspiring speech in Macedonian. His speech concluded with, “I ask you all to join me today in making a shared Commitment for Peace: “Let Macedonia be a Beacon Of Hope for Peace”, which evoked thunderous applause from the audience.

The exhibition event was made possible by IMAF International Music and Arts Foundation from Liechtenstein, as well as several philanthropic individuals from Macedonia and abroad including partners Yvette Dubel of WebAntiphon Corporation (USA) and Erik MacEachern of MacEachern Associates (Scotland-UK) who have invested personal efforts to reach the goals of the organization.
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(Press Release) SMITHFIELD, RI, February 21, 2008 A recently formed strategic alliance between INSE Founder, Christophe Poizat, and INSE member Yvette Dubel, CEO of WebAntiphon ( is a prime example of the connections and collaborations that are available via INSE’s platform.
Poizat and Dubel are collaborating on a major project – Cultural Fusion Art Series – supporting Footsteps for Life (FSFL). FSFL addresses the imminent and long-term needs of the orphans of HIV parents in Africa. Cultural Fusion was co-founded by Ronald Wopereis and Dubel, promoting Global Social Responsibility, with a number of existing strategic alliances with NGO’s
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