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Our Story

WebAntiphon Group was founded by Yvette Dubel. Formerly conceptualized as WebAntiphon Corporation (founded in 2005), but then with new integration of artist’s practice hit the reset button in 2006 and relaunched as WebAntiphon Group in 2011. Dubel started the company out of her passion for advocacy and change management with intervention/prevention addressing issues such as homelessness, domestic abuse, community reentry, and poverty . This great passion of hers impelled her to do intense research and come up with a new understanding of socio-technical infrastructure that led to her unique approach to Art Based Solutions for business solutions that also help communities.

With her commitment to help develop better solutions and more than 15 years as consultant and over 20 years as an artist with focus on art based inquiry, Yvette Dubel co-created contributions (art and text) to an academic textbook used in Art Based Research in 2012. She continued to bring Art Based Research methodologies and insights to business challenges. As an approach it helps simplify complicated concepts down into artwork series as the foundation for thinking forward events i.e. Innovations in event marketing, risk management innovation, innovation training and diversity inclusion. In 2015 she wrote “Why Brand Risk Management Innovation Is A Game Changer And how to get ahead of the game“.

WebAntiphon and its work are not defined by geographical location. Many people wonder if WebAntiphon actually means anything. It does. An antiphon is a reply in a liturgy like in call and response…. so in a context like business and community, the web as a new landscape, we get WebAntiphon. This is at the heart of the founding concept. You call. We Answer. With Mrs. Dubel’s direction we use art to find paths of lesser resistance to facilitate positive change in society and client organizations.

WebAntiphon Group has been greatly inspired by lessons from peer to peer open source movement and conceptual artists. The result has been a process where client projects and plans can be implemented with the expertise of diverse collaborators. Individuals coming together to form fluid teams as needed to fulfill the project’s vision from planning to implementation.

In 2017, 10 years of research and experience became the basis of the new Empowered Innovation Principles and related programs.


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