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Can you help with my problem?

Without knowing exactly what your problem is I can’t say. What I can tell you is there is a free course you can complete to win prizes starting with a free Strategy Review Session.

And if you need something beyond my expertise I have a network of smart talented professionals that can be called upon to fill any gaps.

Why do I need a strategy?

Your strategy is critical to your brand positioning in the marketplace, the minds (and hearts) of your customers.

  • Strategy-blueprint for competitive advantage

Additional helpful facts to keep in mind:

  • Plan-for each strategic goal there’s a way to evaluate and achieve
  • Process-methods used to carry out plan
Will my returns justify the investment of working with you?

Absolutely! In case you only need a few strategic gems to put you on a self-help track  the appropriate free course you can get started right now. And it won’t cost you a dime.

From your current perspective  the way forward is less than clear. After our work together the clouds of confusion part so you confidently pave the path ahead. You have not just a strategy but a plan and if you prefer, the team to help you implement it.

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  • Get advance notification to put this event on your calendar
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  • Use data analytics for strategic advantage in context
  • Identify high value market niches and see how to reach them
  • Get insights your competitors overlooked that can get more sales for you
  • Reduce the cost of getting new customers

Hi and thanks for stopping by!

If you’re proud to be one of a kind with no interest in conformity for conformity sake then you don’t want a typical consultant.  In fact, there’s a good chance you need someone like me.

I’m Yvette Dubel. And it may be that my diverse consultant and complicated life experience is key to finding your solution.   , neotraditional mother to 3 of my favorite people ~ happy wife of 1 (still my favorite guy) for 25+yrs,  my passion is helping you achieve w/ #humanity   What could it mean for you to have access to a Master Solution Finder , tech enthusiastproject lead specializing in brand risk management innovation who happens to be a contributing artist researcher-author to Art Based Inquiry textbook.  What does that means for you? You get access to a lot of smart cool professionals. And we love working together to help business owners like you succeed in these changing times. 

A few of the problems I can help you with include:

  • Branding and Reputation Development
  • Meaningful and humanizing solutions
  • Prevent or resolve customer loss and avoidance
  • Campaigns to set appropriate customer expectations
  • Maintain and grow brand confidence and value
  • Price war chaos alternatives
  • Problems with employee engagement and performance

I’d like to help you to succeed today with a view towards the future.  My specialization comes from personal experiences. These include more than twenty years as a change agent/advocate developing community programs and working cause/service organizations, more than then years as a consultant to businesses and mission driven organizations, as well as over twenty years as an artist-researcher.

  • Maybe you’re already feeling overwhelmed
  • You’ve done your research but you need specific insights you can use
  • You know that generic corporate styled solutions aren’t for you
  • You know it’s important but don’t know the right changes to make in your business

That’s why I’ve created this free course to get you started. You earn points completing each course unit. When you complete all three you have the benefit of lessons from other business owners not too much unlike you. You will also have enough points to win a Strategy Review Session.


Yvette Dubel

CEO & Founder, Business Strategist, Thought Leader, Artist-Researcher, WebAntiphon Group

Yvette Dubel author of Why Risk Management Innovation Is a Game Changer

#FBI to Recommend Keeping iPhone #Hack Secret, Report Says

The Feds apparently don’t know much about the toolEveryone wants to know how the Federal Bureau of Investigation managed to access data stored on an iPhone used by one of the San Bernardino killers. Now it seems no one may ever know, including…the FBI?The agency reportedly plans to recommend not submitting the hacking tool used to unlock the phone for government review, the Wall Street Journal reports, citing sources. That assessment, known as an equities review, would involve a group of administration officials determining if details about the security hole should be released to Apple AAPL -8.07% or the public. Source: FBI to Recommend Keeping iPhone Hack Secret, Report... read more

#LED #innovation aims to make traffic lights, mobiles and TVs more sustainable | Guardian #Sustainable #Business | The Guardian

An Australian semiconductor company believes it is finally getting closer to “pay day”, more than a quarter of a century after its breakthrough technology first began taking shape at Sydney’s Macquarie University. BluGlass, which operates out of a hi-tech factory in the Sydney suburb of Homebush, has signed two major deals in the past year that could see its technology deployed by some of the biggest LED light manufacturers in the world.Those deals have been struck with equipment company Veeco and Philips Lighting subsidiary Lumileds. The two are giants in the booming LED market, a market that is expected to grow by 45% a year over the next decade to more than $220bn as consumers focus on more efficient appliances.A $200bn LED market could mean about 100 less fossil fuel plants, meaning LED lighting could play a key role in decarbonising the global economy because of its energy savings. Source: LED innovation aims to make traffic lights, mobiles and TVs more sustainable | Guardian Sustainable Business | The... read more

#NASA scientists scrutinize arctic gas flaring #pollution

Flaring of waste natural gas from industrial oil fields in the Northern Hemisphere is a potential source of significant amounts of nitrogen dioxide and black carbon to the Arctic, according to a new NASA study.Nitrogen dioxide is a well-known air pollutant and health hazard, and black carbon, also known as soot, is an agent of global warming that is critical for understanding climate change effects in the Arctic. In addition to absorbing sunlight while aloft, which heats the air, black carbon darkens white snow when it settles on the surface, accelerating snowmelt. The amount of black carbon that reaches the Arctic is currently poorly estimated.”The Arctic starts from a very clean state so there’s no significant local pollution sources of dust or smoke, and in this kind of pristine environment even small anthropogenic sources make a big difference,” said Nickolay Krotkov, an atmospheric scientist at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland, who was part of a team looking into the origins of Arctic black carbon.Scientists hadn’t found all the sources of black carbon that ends up in the Arctic, a puzzle that was brought to the Goddard group by Joshua Fu, an atmospheric modeler at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville. The atmospheric modeling community, which runs computer simulations of Earth’s atmosphere, uses emission inventories reported by governments or compiled by researchers as a starting point for simulating pollution trajectories throughout the atmosphere. However, their results generally underestimated the amount of black carbon reaching the Arctic when compared to direct field measurements, Fu said. Source: NASA scientists scrutinize arctic gas flaring... read more

Anish Kapoor: Boris ‘foisted’ new slide on my sculpture

Sir Anish Kapoor, the Turner Prize-winning artist, has warned his Olympic Park sculpture must not become an “amusement park”, claiming plans to install a slide around it were “foisted” on him by the Mayor of London.Kapoor’s Orbit sculpture is currently being transformed in collaboration with artist Carsten Holler, in a project which will see the addition of the world’s longest and tallest tunnel slide.It is hoped the revamped ArcelorMittal Orbit will rejuvenate visitor interest in the sculpture, with £17 tickets for adults recouping its mulit-million-pound installation costs.But while the project has been trumpeted as an innovative collaboration between two leading artists, Kapoor has disclosed their project was not quite all it seemed. Source: Anish Kapoor: Boris ‘foisted’ new slide on my... read more