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Diversity and engagement are two pressure points that can signal big problems with employees and customers.

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Diversity and engagement are two pressure points that can signal big problems with employees and customers.

A Harvard Business Review article reported there is a correlation between diversity in leadership ​and​ market outcomes, companies with 2D diversity out-innovate and out-perform others.

Avoid the crisis

One-fifth of respondents indicated their organizations have very informal diversity efforts with nothing structured at all.

Two-thirds​ of the people polled said that diversity was important to them when evaluating companies and job offers.
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Building a diverse workplace can help you increase your company’s market share.

Organizations that have over 50% employee engagement retain over 80% of their customers
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84% of employees globally aren’t engaged

Gallup found that actively disengaged employees cost the U.S. $450 billion to $550 billion per year
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57 percent of people surveyed think their company should be doing more to increase diversity in its workforce.

The industries with most disengaged workers at hospitality, government and light manufacturing
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Replacing a lost employee costs 150% of that person’s annual salary

70% of employees say their employer should understand them to the same degree they are expected to understand customers
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Improvement in employee engagement, effort and retention alone make for a compelling diversity proposition.

.Add to that customers who evangelize your diversity philosophy and products—and feel you have insight into who they actually are, and the diversity ROI is hard to ignore, according to
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Knowing the Symptoms is not the same as Understanding the Problem

A racing and luxury boat design manufacturing company was struggling against productivity and personnel issues.  Workers were running out of materials.  Any progress towards successful resolution was paralyzed by blame.  And the result of that was angry customers, near daily complaints, and months of backorders. Employee turnover was at an all time high, along with employee disengagement. This led to internal sabotage that put production months behind schedule. The problem was a CEO whose mind was closed. He only considered incentive programs tied to official production quotas.  An unofficial quota system had pitted the workers against management and each other. Workers knew when materials were running low, and would put in purchase request. Altercations between the managers stalled fulfillment, forcing the whole line to shut down. Every month the accountant came looking for answers regarding customers’ unfilled orders. The front office was frustrated by daily calls from angry customers, many who had been waiting more than six months. The CEO could see the symptoms.  It was right there in the spreadsheet.  But he didn’t understanding the problem.  

A Wise Executive Instead would have

  • improved production management processes,
  • repaired or improved personnel issues,
  • improved employee engagement to remedy production issues

Working with small businesses and organizations across a broad range of sectors offering guidance on process management technologies WebAntiphon Group helps companies implement save the day solutions.  With a background contributing to technology beta testing, research and implementation WebAntiphon helps clients avoid (costly) typical pitfalls. With our help problems such as production tracking, supply management and employee training are improved. The changes are less overwhelming for companies like yours because of the uncommon end user tech research focus we bring. WebAntiphon’s experiences ranging from tech user interfaces, feature customization, to big data analytics and the evolution of informed consent gives the CEO and team a long view on strategy priorities.

WebAntiphon has learned working with diverse individuals in complicated situations cultivates special insights about managing and  resolving conflict. Your company benefits from unique approaches based on practical relationship management experience. The incentive rewards program that the CEO requested is then connected to participation in programs to improve employee engagement and repair damaged professional relationships. Accessing specialized network of experts to help the company make better hires. You can get assistance implementing better risk management processes.

And that may have saved that business. 

But the CEO/owner didn’t make the right call and that business no longer exist.  Don’t make the same mistake. Do something different.  Click here

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Hi and thanks for stopping by!

I’m Yvette Dubel. And it may be that my diverse consultant and complicated life experience is key to finding your solution.  , loved mother of 3, happy wife of 1 for 25+yrs in an interracial marriage, helping you achieve w/ #humanity   You get a contributing artist researcher-author to Art Based Inquiry textbook and project lead/consultant specializing in brand risk management innovation needs and opportunities…and a general Master Solution Finder.  Let’s get started before you waste more time and money. 

A few of the problems I can help you with include:

  • Branding and Reputation Development
  • Meaningful humanizing branding content
  • Social media and event marketing strategy for socially responsible brands
  • Customer loss and avoidance
  • Use social media content to set appropriate customer expectations
  • Challenges of brand confidence and value
  • Price war chaos solutions
  • Problems with Employee engagement and performance

Don’t wait until you’re looking a crisis in the face. I’d like to help you now to avoid catastrophe later.  Diversity inclusion isn’t just what you think it is.  That’s because likely your position within your circle, your business or organization won’t give you the best perspective.

Fact is that potential customers may be quietly avoiding your  business, and worse presenting evidence against your business brand. Negative customer stories have a shelf life that never expires and online archiving gives them an endless lifespan.

  • Maybe you’re already feeling overwhelmed
  • but know you need to take charge of your online presence.
  • You know that generic corporate styled content isn’t for you.
  • You know it’s important but don’t know how to humanize your brand online.

And you want to explore the benefits diversity inclusion.  To your credit you know “tokenism” is an obstacle to the rewards of diversity inclusion. You want to move forward with meaningful changes and a forward thinking strategy.

These are problems I can help you with.

Yvette Dubel

CEO & Founder, Business Strategist, Thought Leader, Artist-Researcher, WebAntiphon Group

Yvette Dubel author of Why Risk Management Innovation Is a Game Changer

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