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Get Better Results with Brand Risk Management Innovation

Did you know that according to one FastCompany article 80% of corporate leaders don’t do any strategic branding? In fact, most corporate leaders and business owners simply follow the crowd, instead of stepping up to become industry leaders. However, the important factor to grasp is that most leaders are approaching risk management and branding the old way based on old mental models. Still stuck in the past doing things the way they’ve always been done. They don’t know what they don’t know.  Fortunately, you do know that managing risks and branding strategy goes beyond the mere color of your logo, your latest marketing initiative or defensive litigation. A large part of the equation is the experience interaction with your organization delivers.  Brand risk management is an art, you should seek to master it! To prosper in today’s accelerating world, you need to keep up with the new age.  Today’s customer has access to real-time information and data. The way today’s customer buys is different, therefore your brand strategy must change too. You need real strategy behind your brand – art based solutions to engage and ignite your underutilized intangible assets are a great start. Elevate your risk management to the next level with a proven strategist that delivers results.

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It’s time for corporations to remove the blinders that unfortunately keep them from looking and thinking outside the box of accepted business dogma. More and more financial experts are pointing the way forward being led by ‘right brain’ thinkers. There is no longer a ‘comfort zone’ where businesses can languish and reap the rewards of enthusiastic staff, retained customers, and increasing profits – without adapting. To stay relevant, one must challenge the established…. Find it here  
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Ethical debate on Managing #data #management pain points | #VMworld | SiliconANGLE

Ethical debate Currently I’m working on a paper that discusses ethical issues in data privacy. Although explored in a research context it looks at the issue of consent on behalf of those whose data would be utilized. In Business Intelligence (BI) data I’m not sure the matter of personal data, that is transformed by context into BI, is exactly a settled matter. This raises philosophical questions about the concept of objectifying data that will impact brands as the issue of consent comes into focus. What might the implications be of a change in data privacy standards in the research sector on the commercial data sector? The most obvious risk implication points to overlooking the point that ethical points will lay the foundation for possible legal action. That action would likely look to institutional research standards to inform changes in the commercial data sector either through adoption of best practices or directly lobbying for government or institutional regulation, as well as increased transparency. This offers a great opportunity to learn from mistakes of the past. And so it seems an unwise choice to dive into objectifying data without questioning the perception of hyperconvergence that would describe it as a prison.  Is that an accurate description? Objectifying data “Flynn pointed out that immobility of data is the heart of the problem, and Primary Data is working in the language of objectives to drive the physical placement of data. He feels hyper-convergence is creating a bigger prison for data. By abstracting data away from the application, data can be referenced, even when it is moving, and scheduled where data should be.”  Source: Managing... read more