The word is full of problems that are hard to solve and aren’t just going to vanish.
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Customer Expectations

There are significant changes required as to how we perceive and sense customer’s needs, wants and expectations as they too, adapt to, are empowered by the increasing speed and proliferation of choices available in our increasingly connected and digitized world. Find competitive advantages with outside box insights from the leading edge. Get the Empowered Innovation Digest delivered bi-monthly to your inbox and join the game. 

Aggregation of data

This connectivity and the resulting aggregation of data is creating entirely new business models and revenue streams, both for startups and established companies that leverage existing assets in creative, profitable new ways. It also is changing the basis of competition as companies can now compete as part of ecosystems. Get ready with the Empowered Innovation Digest as we endeavor to make learning fun. 

Free your mind

If you open up the mind, the opportunity to address both profits and social conditions are limitless. It’s a process of innovation. – Jerry Greenfield Save time and expand your mind with the responsive and engaging Empowered Innovation Digest. 


Innovation is creativity with a job to do. – John Emmerling   Get focused creative insights in an inspired virtual experience with Empowered Innovation Digest bi-monthly to your inbox.


Mindless habitual behavior is the enemy of innovation.
– Rosabeth Moss Kanter

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Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower. – Steve Jobs Leadership doesn’t have to be boring when you have responsive and engaging resource like the Empowered Innovation Digest. Get it delivered bi-monthly to your inbox. 

Better Leadership

Innovation is far more valuable because it raises the productivity of both capital and labor….Still, like anything else, successful innovation starts at the top and leaders need to be held responsible for it…Innovation is never one event, but a process of discovery, engineering and transformation. “Innovation Is The Only True Way To Create Value” Begin now with the Empowered Innovation Digest as your next launchpad. Get it delivered bi-monthly to your inbox. 

Help when just getting by isn’t good enough

Maybe you are one of the smart decision makers or business owners who is so busy with the day to day that you can’t find time to keep a look out for potential disruptions emerging from the leading edge. Even worse, you may not be able to connect the dots to:

  • get the competitive advantage you need to stay in business,
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  • increase revenue
  • and grow brand value.

You aren’t alone. The entertainment and financial industries are being reshaped by the evolution of digital economies…and they won’t be the only ones.

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My process has allowed people like you to achieve, even exceed, their goals with proactive strategies that expand positive outcomes in less time while minimizing the risks. You can succeed by cultivating  the right mental state for inspired focused action to achieve triple bottom line success (profit, people, planet). Victory in business doesn’t have to mean sacrificing what matters most. In fact, you can distinguish your brand value with a legacy that does more than meet your financial goals.
Too many smart creative business owners, professionals, and leaders know their business but struggle to keep up with the fast pace of change and issues impacting their potential success. This leaves most confused, overwhelmed and stressed or worse paralyzed by what they don’t know. That’s where Empowered Innovation Principles can help.  Because innovation isn’t just a technology hurdle…the problem is your ability to innovate – yourself, your organization, products, services and maybe your industry.
The solution is your mastery of your ability to innovate without sacrificing what matters most. You can choose from my Empowered Innovation Talk (for your next meeting or event), or one of my Empowered Innovation Experiences (workshop, VIP Intensives, and online group program).
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Goodbye Gatekeepers – Stratechery by Ben Thompson

Back in 1980, shortly after the creation of Weinstein’s Miramax production company, there were just over 100 movies release in US cinemas a year; in 2016, there were 736, but for “wide Studio releases” — Weinstein’s territory — there were only 93. Suppose there are five meaningful acting jobs per movie: that means there are only about 500 meaningful acting jobs a year. And Weinstein not only decided who filled many of those 500 roles, he had an outsized ability to affect who filled the rest by making or bre Source: Goodbye Gatekeepers – Stratechery by Ben... read more

#TenX Figured out How to Make #Cryptocurrency Spendable Immediately In Real Life | #teamblockchain

TenX, who is launching their highly anticipated ICO this coming Saturday has figured out how to solve one of the biggest problems for people that are involved in cryptocurrency — actually spending the currency. The worlds of entrepreneurship, cryptocurrency and Initial Coin Offerings are officially merged and entrepreneurs are raising 10s of millions of dollars to fund their companies. Bancor, Status and Basic Attention Token were prime examples of tokens/startups who collectively raised millions of dollars through ICOs. The problem TenX is solving and why their ICO will likely also do very well is that nobody can actually spend cryptocurrencies at 99% of businesses without having to wait days to exchange it through a centralized exchange bank into Fiat (government issued currency), or jump through other major hoops. TenX has built an iOS and Android app that serves as both a wallet and a decentralized fee free exchange, then adds a debit/credit card functionality on top of that to let you spend your cyrptocurrency anywhere you could use VISA or Mastercard. (They send you a physical card.) It also converts it to local currency, meaning it pretty much works in any country. As of right now TenX’s platform officially supports Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Dash, amongst others. Source: TenX Figured out How to Make Cryptocurrency Spendable Immediately In Real Life |... read more

#SupremeCourt decision is ‘a constitutional coming out party’ for #socialmedia – #Impacts on future of #data

This caught my #attention because it addresses the issue of how public, semi-public and private spaces will be delineated online as relates to offline situations. These are issues I feel the public does not think enough about. And still I wonder is it because people don’t care or that they don’t understand the complex array of implications flowing from these decisions.  I won’t go to deeply into that here but for those that are interested in wading to the deep end of the pool….you can read my paper that touches on related aspects via the implications and possible fall out inadequate conceptual frameworks, and failure to consider that “Informed Consent” needs to evolve when so much is at stake for individuals who don’t adequately perceive the situation they are consenting to. Supreme Court decision is ‘a constitutional coming out party’ for social media On Monday, the Supreme Court ruled that sex offenders can’t be broadly banned from using social media.The First Amendment ruling sets a precedent about denying access to social media sites and raises questions about their role as a public forum.The North Carolina law, established in 2008, made it illegal for registered sex offenders to use websites that minors also use. That included Facebook (FB, Tech30), Twitter (TWTR, Tech30) and many other popular sites….”This case is one of the first this court has taken to address the relationship between the First Amendment and the modern internet,” Justice Anthony Kennedy wrote in the majority opinion, which struck down North Carolina’s law. In the opinion, Kennedy said the law was too broad and North Carolina did not prove why... read more

#Oslo airport’s 16,000km long #biofuel controversy | Biofuels International Magazine

Reading this story my own reaction gave me pause. I agreed that this deal didn’t make sense if it the intention was to advance sustainability. I then wondered what the real agenda for the deal might have been… In the end it was a brief detour. That glimmer of cynicism is something I was saddened to have to witness but ultimately decided there was much to learn in the acknowledgement. And so back to the news item… Oslo airport’s 16,000km long biofuel controversy Oslo airport is using renewable jet fuel made from waste cooking oil as part of its fuel mix, but the fact this fuel is being imported from California has led to question marks about its real environmental credentials, according to Reuters.In 2016, Oslo became the first international airport to offer biofuels as part of the fuel mix it sells, with Los Angeles and Stockholm following soon after. This growing trend was part of an effort to lower the surging greenhouse gas emissions from the aviation industry.”This is a tiny little drop (in fossil jet fuel use). But it is the first drop,” said Olav Mosvold Larsen of state-owned Avinor, which runs 45 airports in Norway. He pointed out to Reuters that jet biofuels were twice the cost of conventional fuels.In the last few months Avinor has started importing its waste cooking oil from AltAir, a Californian firm whose sources include fast food restaurants. This means Avinor’s jet fuel is having to be trucked and shipped over 10,000 miles (16,000km). Previously, Avinor’s jet fuel came from Spain.Environmentalists say shipping biofuels from California to Norway doesn’t make sense.... read more
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