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Why Cultivate A Better Kind of Different?

Success disappears with loss of customers and shareholder confidence

Business leaders know that it’s hard to take a step without bumping into a potential threat. This can lead to sleepless nights. It can also cultivate a mindset that inhibits genuine efficiency and innovation. Litigation and traditional corporate trainings aren’t the only options, especially if better results are desired. A few of the threats executives can lose sleep over include:

  • Customer loss
  • Declines in shareholder confidence or value
  • Rise of your competition
  • Decrease in brand value
  • Worsening Employee engagement and performance


Trust in business is at an all time global low. When it comes to protecting brand value, cultivating and earning the trust of customers, shareholders and the public is critical. Change isn’t just something that happens on the job. Like purchasing decisions, change is personal. Around the world, across 142 countries, just 13 percent of employees feel engaged. Leaning toward innovation and sustainability can be a change that includes thinking forward events and outside box thinking. Organizational change is personal because few things will feel more personal in your professional career than those tasks that require you to make a substantial change in how you do or see things. Resistance can result in sleepless nights, long exhausting days that leave you feeling you’ve been stuck running on a hamster wheel. Getting off that wheel requires asking and answering some basic questions.

What is a business?

More importantly why do you wake up every day and serve it? The answer is simple. You want to. We’re all customers of sorts, to each other and ourselves. We serve ourselves daily. Sometimes we do the best by ourselves but often we fail at achieving our own goals. This isn’t so bad when we can sit late at night and commit to doing better the next day. Your external customers however, won’t accept that. Your goal then as the captain of the ship, is to halt this disappointment before its even started.

  • 85% of consumers have passion expectations
  • 80% of business lack passion

Customers expect service and a good bit more in a growing number of cases. Customer services is important, but it’s not enough. They need to know that you and your company are looking out for their interests and concerns. And in many cases that still isn’t enough to win you their loyalty.

 Better Results with Brand Risk Management Innovation

And with so many choices for customers, loyalty is hard to find where passion is lacking. Put aside the issue of how a business conveys passion for now.

We all know that lack of customer loyalty has become the plague of modern business. The loyalties inherent within society that would keep a mother, for example, shopping at the same store for 30 years, have all but diminished. 91% of consumers globally is likely to switch brands to one associated with a cause, given comparable price and quality And yet what you need is more than just another cause marketing campaign. This is where Art Based Solutions from Yvette Dubel can help…

A few benefits of these Art Based Solutions in addition to being unlike anything else can help you:

  • Increase customer share
  • Increase employee engagement
  • With increasing and protecting brand equity
  • Growing sales and profitability
  • Discovering new opportunities and assets


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Solutions for Businesses

>Strengthen customer connections to your brand

> Develop innovation or diversity inclusion strategies

> Enhance brand value and legacy

> Increase customer loyalty

> Innovative research & development strategies

> and increase sales for sustainable growth


Solutions for nonprofits

> Increase support and contributions

> Reduce costs while expanding services

> Increase efficiency without sacrificing quality

Why Art Based Solutions®?

Because this approach allows you to get the benefits of leading edge insights relevant to you. Instead of old ways of seeing/thinking/being this refers to approaches using new mental models needed to make sense of disruptive chaos.
The Alchemy and Neuroscience of Art Based Solutions® helps access more fluid mental models better suited for our growing reliance on technology based on quantum realities. More than a vision it is a core value to help you achieve better outcomes for your business, and the world we share.