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Can you help with my problem?

If you are business owner, partner or CEO that cares about having a profitable business and having the most positive possible impact doing it, then probably the answer is a resounding YES.

If you have any doubts try a RISK FREE Express Strategy Review Session.

Why do I need a strategy?

Your strategy is critical to your brand positioning in the marketplace, the minds (and hearts) of your customers.

  • Strategy-blueprint for competitive advantage

Additional helpful facts to keep in mind:

  • Plan-for each strategic goal there’s a way to evaluate and achieve
  • Process-methods used to carry out plan

Take advantage of your RISK FREE Express Strategy Review Session

Will my returns justify the investment of working with you?

Absolutely! In case you only need a few strategic gems to put you on a self-help track  the appropriate free course you can get started right now. And it won’t cost you a dime. From your current perspective  the way forward is less than clear. After our work together the clouds of confusion part so you confidently pave the path ahead. You have not just a strategy but a plan and if you prefer, the team to help you implement it.

Schedule your RISK FREE Strategy Review Session now. 

How do you help?
  • You get affordable flat rate consulting packages that can address a wide range of problems you face.
  • You get the benefits of a Chief Strategy Officer without the typical budget impact.
  • You get follow up support flexibility customized to meet your needs.
  • You get help that can mean the difference between whether your business effectively manages or is overtaken by new growth.

 Schedule your RISK FREE Strategy Review Session today and see for yourself. 

How do you help with Brand Risk Management Innovation
Brand Risk Management is typically framed as an aversion to legal liability. However, Brand Risk Management Innovation takes a broader longer view with the goal of better outcomes that include increasing brand value, increasing employee and customer retention to grow your profits. I help you develop innovative strategies and plans to achieve those outcomes by distinguishing your brand in meaningful ways that include impact.

Current Opportunities:

Express Strategy Review Session  The current flat rate strategy packages They can stand our their own or work as first phase of customization for the Women Crossings or one of my other sponsorship properties (see links below).  So that would be the actual work of planning a customization strategy that supports your current strategic plan and objectives or helps clarify them. Leveling UP Option – 

Scientists have much to gain by sharing their #research with the public – what it has to do with #bigdata and #datadriven research

Women Crossings – A One of  Kind Event Branding Solution ideal for financial sector, socially responsible consumer retail brands and you

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Hi and thanks for stopping by!

Who do I help?

  • People who care about leading profitable business and having the most positive possible impact doing it

What kind of help will you get?

  1. Solutions 
  • Figuring out what solution(s) you need and why
  • Plan to develop and implement solution(s)
  • And personal support in that process

      2. Realize Untapped Potential 

  • Growth strategies based on Identifying or evaluating new opportunities,
  • Plan for taking advantage of new opportunities,
  • Exploring why and personal support in that process

How you get help?

  • You get top notch outside box thinking in easy flat rate strategic planning packages.
  • Your comprehensive package includes personal one on one follow up support.
  • Even better you can get help with revisions based on unexpected turn of events, outside pressures and other challenges.

Why me?

If you’re proud to be one who still cares and believes, there’s a good chance you need a consultant like me.

I’m Yvette Dubel. And it may be that my diverse consultant and life experience is key to finding your solution.   , neotraditional mother to 3 of my favorite people ~ happy wife of 1 (still my favorite guy) for 25+yrs, and my passion is helping you achieve w/ #humanity 

You business benefits from access to a Master Solution Finder, tech enthusiast, special project lead specializing in brand risk management innovation who also happens to be a contributing artist researcher-author to Art Based Inquiry textbook.  

What does that means for you? You get access to a lot of smart cool professionals committed to being part of the change our world needs in real practical ways. And we love working together to help business owners like you succeed in these changing times. 

You can start in a few ways.

  1. First, You can complete the form on this page to request access to the 5 Sanity Saving Strategies video that you can start using immediately to improve your results. Especially if the sh%#t just hit the fan.
  2. Then if you want more help simply say Yes to your free Express Strategy Review Session and schedule yours now. 
  3. Then if your situation requires more personal attention there are four easy flat rate session packages customized to meet your needs.

Rest assured that if you need something beyond my expertise I have a global network of smart talented professionals that can be called upon to fill any knowledge or technical gaps.

Still have questions? Send me a message and let’s go from there.

Until we meet or meet again…

Wishing you success and peace,


Yvette Dubel

CEO & Founder, Business Strategist, Thought Leader, Artist-Researcher, WebAntiphon Group

Yvette Dubel author of Why Risk Management Innovation Is a Game Changer

This Quirky #Cat #Artist Is Hosting a Cat Party Where People Can Dress Like #Cats | TIME

The soundtrack from Cats will playSuZen, a muralist and noted cat lover in New York City, is taking her passion for felines even more public by hosting a dedicated “Cat Purrrty” this month, the “first annual purrrty for cat lovers.” The artist is known for a longstanding mural in Times Square (it’s been up since 1984) —and for her prolific cat-centric art works, from a book documenting the love story of her two pets Sushi and Sashimi, to her design for the “JacCAT,” an Indiegogo-funded jacket that recreates a feline silhouette on its front.At the Cat Purrrty on September 28 — which SuZen plans to host in the Westbeth Community Space in Manhattan’s iconic Greenwich Village — attendees will listen to a carefully curated playlist of cat-focused tunes, DNAInfo reports (so that would include tracks like “What’s New, Pussycat?” and music from the soundtrack of Cats). There will also be cat ears available to wear, and a face painter “specializing in whiskers and noses” to help guests get fully into cat character. Source: This Quirky Cat Artist Is Hosting a Cat Party Where People Can Dress Like Cats |... read more

#Upcycling CASE coconut building panels on display in #Ghana

Building panels made of upcycled coconut husks made a statement at the Chalewote Street Art Festival in Accra, Ghana, this summer. A kiosk constructed of the panels was featured in an online video report by MeshTV in Ghana.”People have been amazed that coconut (husk), which is a material they think they know, can be used as a structural material, a brick, something that feels stronger than plywood, something that has resistance and strength,” Demetrios Comodromos told MeshTV. Comodromos is a professor of practice in the School of Architecture, and one of several researchers from the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Center for Architecture, Science, and Ecology (CASE) who have been working to develop building products from agricultural waste as a sustainable, low-energy alternative to reconstituted wood products and other materials made with synthetic adhesives.In the video, doctoral candidate Mae-Ling Lokko pointed out the features of the kiosk, which she called “the upcycling pavilion.” The panels themselves are made of pressed coconut husk fibers and soy binders, from the company e2e Materials, on a backing of recycled burlap bags, which are used in the cocoa export industry. The kiosk also integrated materials made of plastic waste from oil gallons used by acclaimed Ghanaian artist Serge Attukwei Clottey, and recycled waste from billboards from a popular local company, “Trashy Bags.””We needed a panel that was really easy to assemble and a mechanism that doesn’t have many parts. This panel doesn’t use nails, we use bolts and nuts, and we assembled it pretty quickly,” Lokko told MeshTV. Based on her research, Lokko founded a company, AMBIS Technology, that will use agricultural waste materials for... read more

The #NewYork Public Library Unveils a Cute, Cutting-Edge Train That Delivers #Books | Open Culture

Says Matt Knutzen, director of the Humanities and Social Sciences Research Divisions within the Stephen A. Schwarzman Building, “This new dependable and efficient system will ensure a seamless delivery of research items from our storage facility to the researchers who need them.”  “Our priorities include preserving our materials and making them increasingly accessible to the public in an inspiring space for research – our recent storage expansion, our restoration of the Reading Room, and the installation of this system are all elements of that work.”Above, you can watch the new system at work, chugging away, climbing to new heights, and delivering books to happy readers. Source: The New York Public Library Unveils a Cute, Cutting-Edge Train That Delivers Books | Open... read more

#Data issues lurk Amid violent protests, Charlotte police chief vows not to make shooting video public – LA Times

  Still more evidence that traditional “diversity training” and “sensitivity training” approaches have failed. It is unfortunate that the private sector tends to distance itself from these problems until the negative consequences land on their doorstep, typically that means property damage, traffic interruptions, etc. Allow me to share a bit about these issues relate to data collection and analysis as it relates to the need for public engagement to avoid these kinds of crisis. The paper from which the following is shared proposes an Art Based Solution to generate new understanding based on need for new contextually relevant policies and standards. If you or someone you know is interested in continuing this discussion or exploration of my proposal get in touch with me. And now to quote myself… “Even with the rise of intersectionality as an important area for exploration, there has been inadequate interest in the examination of how to study intersectionality methodologies (represented by diversity inclusion). It would not have been troubling if consideration of intersectionality were already the norm. Despite the rise of diversity inclusion in organizational language lexicon and literature, there is inadequate understanding of how it has translated into substantive changes. Progress toward more meaningful steps will require new models and conceptual frameworks to facilitate thinking differently about diversity and inclusion. There should be the ability to comprehend new ways of making sense or finding meaning in data in relationship with source subject. The diversity inclusion should include skill sets, knowledge and vantage perspectives apart from gender, race or disabilities. Quantum view is a new context metaphor to support inquiry of individuals as they relate to researchers,... read more